We specialise in the design and production of POS materials

In store solutions, multipacks, giftpacks

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  • We use all types of production materials
  • Our clients are leading FMCG global brands
  • We have long lasting experience dealing with local and international projects
  • Our strength is strive for innovative solutions
  • We have very competitive price offer
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Because of our skills and experience we have capabilities to:






Production examples

Duracell, Gillette, Fox, Spike, Brilant, Sublime
Design and production for local market (wobblers printed on cardboard and PCV)
Braun, Duracell, Mach 3, Gillette
Creation, design, production and delivery to 11 European countries (cardboard hangers)
Gillette, Braun, Duracell, Sublime, Fox
Design and production for international and local markets (cardboard and PCV mini stands)
Pampers, Lenor, Microsoft, Hammerite
Production, coopacking and mailing handling (printed coated paper)
Duracell, Dove, Bounty ,M&Ms, Milky Way
Design and production (cardboard stands)
Design and production
(printed PCV display with LED)
Blend a Med, Lenor, Persil, Spike
Design, production of Sales presenters (printed coated paper)
Hammerite, Pillak
Design, production of cut outs (cardboard)
Design, production of sales presenters (cardboard and PCV)
Design, production of LED product holders (aluminum, plastics, fur)
Dulux, Hammerite
Design, production of shelf stands (metal, PCV)
Design, production and prepacking of stands (cardboard)
Jim Beam Duopack with Coca-Cola
Frame Onpack (coated cardboard, PCV)
Jim Beam Rounded stand
Shelf Stand (cardboard and PCV)
Jim Beam Miniatures onpack
Onpack minis, welcompack (coated cardboard )
Maker’s Mark, Double Oak Onpacks
Onpacks (Coated cardboard)

Why clients choose us?

We are specialists

We deliver with:

- creativity (fresh ideas)
- flexibility
- quality assurance
- on time
- trust
- best price

We are really easy to work with

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